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Equipment Installation

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With over 75 years of combined experience, Cal West Service can manage the installation of your kitchen equipment. From the simple 12 cup coffee brewer to a remote roof top refrigeration system for a walk-in refrigerator, we have the qualified personnel to install just about all of your equipment needs. Also, when specific needs arise for a particular technical trade, we have reputable sub-contractors available that will work in association with our installation team.

Let Cal West Service help install your food service equipment

Site Surveys

A good installation is one where the Manufacturer’s requirements have all been met along with any and all governing codes. We perform an onsite survey to confirm that all of the mechanical connections to a particular piece of equipment are correct and in accordance with the manufacture’s written specifications.

After installing any equipment, it is always good practice to initiate a start up to ensure the proper operation of the piece of equipment which may need minor adjustments, alignments and calibration. The process of providing the foodservice operator with the products and services is the goal of Cal West Service.

Food service site surveys

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