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Our company provides service for a variety of restaurant kitchen equipment. The major categories are gas, electric, refrigeration, warewashing, and ice machines.

We perform repairs on a variety of food service equipment including, fryers, steamers, convection ovens, dishwashers, griddles, food warmers, refrigerators and freezers, ice machines, food processors, toasters, waffle bakers, plus many more.

A strong force to Cal West Services continued expansion is the partnerships with equipment manufacturers to provide warranty service. An ever growing list of foodservice equipment manufacturers are selecting Cal West Service as their factory authorized warranty service provider. These alliances allow Cal West Service to build strong relationships with customers while providing warranty services that continue long after the warranty period has ended.

Gas Repairs

Thermostat calibration, Pilot adjustment or replacement, Gas leak inspections, Gas pressure tests, Steam boiler de-scaling and change outs, and more.

Electric Repairs

Rewire equipment, Check wire terminals for oxidation and overheating, Impact for loose connections, and Check amperage draw.

Refrigeration Repairs

Evacuate systems, Provide Haz Mat removal, Replace compressors, Clean condensers, Check for refrigeration leaks

Warewashing Repairs

Inspect for scale build up, Check wash and rinse temperatures, Check water pressures, Inspect for water leaks, Replace pump motors and conveyor drives

Ice Machine Repairs

Inspect for scale build up, Clean condensers, Check for proper water flow, Time out freeze cycle and harvest cycle, Replace water filters

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